Hello February!

 Hello everyone! How exciting it is that February is finally here? January was a tough month for me, but I'm so happy that it is finally over. Even though I made a tremendous progress in my Catching Up project, I was occupied by different things and wasn't really feeling my best, emotionally wise. But now I'm okay and I'm exciting to start writing here on my blog more often.

Last week, I took a paper pad and started writing ideas for future videos on my Youtube Channel. Lately, I fell in love with creating videos for my channel and every Friday, I try to film a new video. I'm not always able to edit it on the same week but I do try. I made a list of ideas for the upcoming months and I'm so excited to start filming them for you. 

The first video series I'm planning to create is Project Life Explained. I love this idea of just talking about the different layouts and explaining what I did in each card and how I used each embellishment. I will upload the first video next week, so please check my Youtube channel from time to time to see if I have new videos up on my channel. You can subscribe and get noticed every time a new video is uploaded. I hope you will find inspiration from my videos, I'm having so much fun creating them for you.

Have a lovely month and I will see you here really soon!




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