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Life Update

Hello and welcome back! I missed writing in this blog so much, I decided to give it another try and start over. I hope people still read blogs (I do!) and I hope this post finds you in a good period time of your life. We're at the fourth week of 2023 already and I can't believe how time passes by so fast.  So what have I been up to lately? Not much, I have to say. I've been occupied with studying, mostly. Reading and practicing my Italian for my Italian studies and working on corrections for my thesis paperwork. Been said, I am so excited to let you know that I am back to writing in my blog (this would be the only blog I will write in from now on), to filming videos for Youtube (if you haven't checked my Youtube channel , please do. I upload videos about Project Life , Traveler's Notebook and monthly videos about scrapbooking, journaling , art journaling and commonplace books . I really enjoy making videos and I hope to continue during this year with making more v

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