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hello lovely

I'm reut and I'm an artist and a poet from Israel.

I love art journaling, history, books and wine. I write everyday and try to create as much as

I can.



Welcome to my little place on the internet, a little place I can truly call my own. Here you'll find links to all my projects- from weaving and embroidery to bookbinding and memory keeping.


I hope you'll enjoy your time here and come

back from time to time.

all my creative projects are updated weekly over here. come and visit once you have a few moments. I'm sure you'll enjoy what you'll find.

see you soon, 



reut dominits

Artist, creating ancient handicrafts in a modern twist.

Paper artist, Weaver, Embroiderer, Bookbinder, Writer. Poet. Aspiring Art Historian. Student in Tel Aviv University (MA). I Specialize in archival materials (Letters, Poems and Portraiture) in Tuscany, Italy, during the 16th Century. Military Wife. Mom of two.

.לאתר החדש שלי, ליחצו כאן // reutdominits@gmail.com -כל הזכויות שמורות לרעות דומיניץ, 2020. לכל שאלה, צרו קשר דרך המייל