Introduction to Silva Rerum Commonplace Books (Or: How I found my niche?)

 When I was a little girl, I was very introvert and quiet. I loved staying in my room, listening to my cassettes, writing and drawing in my journals for hours. I also loved watercolors, collecting leaves and tearing tiny scraps of paper. I used any material I could find and made beautiful collages.

As I grew up, I stopped making these layouts, for no particular reason. I was more interested in drawing and writing poems and abandoned this once-loved craft for many many years. I found my way back to this form of art when I was 33 and desperate to find a niche where I can document my life while expressing myself and my deepest of thoughts.

I found my niche in the most unexpected way- Inside a book. I've been a book-lover, bookworm, library-obsessed girl since the age of 4, when I learnt to read and fell in love, head over feet, with the magical world of books. But I never, in a million years, would think that I'd find my niche in commonplace books, bookbinding and paper art. But I did.

As a student at the university, I have access to hundreds of books, waiting for someone to pick them up from the pile of "Books for Free!" (meaning: 'Please take them before we'll have to throw them away'). through the years, I've collected as many as I can and they all find their place on the shelves of my craft room. I separate them from their covers, I strengthen their structure and I sew back the pages. I do this wonderful craft for the last 3 or 4 years and I enjoyed every moment of it.

But it took one Caylee Grey, my sweet friend from Germany, to introduce me with the idea of Commonplace Books ('Silva Rerum'), for me to change my entire thought about books and memory keeping, all at once. In this forum, The Memory Keepers Forum, I will guide you through my book-making process, showing you different bookbinding techniques and introduce you with the beautiful world of paper art, journaling and paper cutting art. I can't wait to share with you everything I know.

See you soon,



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