My Most-Loved Technique in Paper Crafting

I've been creating Project Life albums on and off since 2009, but in 2019 I went back to it with a new approach- To make things SIMPLE, as simple as possible! I found that it's hard for me to complete my weekly layouts when using printed PL journaling cards (the ones you find in kits or stores). It's taken me too long to go through my stash and figure out which card I want to use and where. So last year, I decluttered 99.9% of my PL journaling cards and kept 10-15 cards that I truly love. I now create my own journaling cards and it is SO MUCH FUN!

My favorite technique is using stamps (I have collected many stamps through the years) with watercolors and water-based inks or markers. It's my favorite way to create cards and it therapeutic as well. I also love to paint on top of my journaling cards, using acrylics or Gouache paints. By doing so, I create beautiful textured backgrounds, then stamp on top, using my clear stamps.

Another technique I really love lately, is to add textures by attaching different papers on top of the card. It's a similar technique to what I create inside my Traveler's Notebooks and I really enjoy creating something unique inside my albums.

Soon, I will share a flip through of the weeks I've made so far, for you to see. What is your favorite technique to create ? Do you use it inside your Project Life layouts as well?

See you soon,


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  1. Hi Reut,
    I love the idea to make your own journaling. It’s also an occasion to use paper memorabilia or to play with water colors. I switched my project life to photobooks because I’m something 18 years behind and it’s just faster to catch up. So I insert prints, cards, quotes etc. from Pinterest instead of journaling cards.Your cards and the finished layout are so beautiful and gives your albums a unique natural style.


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