My Traveler's Notebook Collection

 Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to share my Traveler's Notebook collection. I've been using TN for the last two years and it has been such a wonderful experience for me so far. 

I have a few brands that I use their covers but I mostly use the traveler's company notebooks for covers and inserts. I found that their leather quality is really amazing and their papers are wonderful. Their prices range between 7-9 Dollars each. That's ok enough for me to prefer buying the notebooks instead of making them myself.

After two years of journaling with the TN system, I feel my collection is done. I have 6 regular size TRC covers (3 in Camel, 2 in Blue-Green, 1 in Brown). 1 passport size wallet and planner in Black, 1 passport size Prima Marketing in Powder Pink, 1 regular size Prima Marketing in Powder Pink, 2 X in Brown. I'm not planning on buying new covers. I feel I have just enough to document my life in various ways.

1) SONGS that inspire me 

  • Songs lyrics

  • Songs meaning to me

  • Feelings about songs

  • Memories I have from specific songs

  • Video clips as polaroid pictures

2) BOOKS that inspire me

  • Quotes from books

  • Books meaning to me

  • Feelings about books

  • Memories I have from specific books

3) Beauty Everywhere

  • Pictures from forest walks

  • Quotes about nature from books and lyrics

  • Places I’ve visited

  • Places I’d love to visit

4) CURRENTLY (things right now, with categories)

  • Currently reading

  • Currently listening

  • Currently eating

  • Currently loving

  • Currently thinking

5) DAILY journaling

  • Every night, before bed. Random thoughts about my day.


  • 3 things I need to do in work today

  • 3 things I need to do for university today

7) RANDOM FACTS about me

  • Trivia facts about me, numbered.


  • Daily Steps (7,000, 10,000, 15,000 etc.)

  • Diet (soup, veggies, meat)

  • Self care

  • Sleeping

  • Reading

  • Journaling

  • Scrapbooking

9) 72 SEASONS- in the Japanese calendar

  • One insert each 5 days

10) MINIMALIST weekly planner

  • Appointments

  • Classes

  • Errands


  • Hebrew

  • English

In my next video on Youtube, I will show you all my inserts and how I use this TN system to document my life in a meaningful way.

See you soon,



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