Why I quit Project Life and Why I Returned to it in 2019 + Week 22

For a long time, I've been struggling with Project Life as my weekly memory-keeping related method. I've loved Project Life since the moment I've heard about it, back in 2009. 

I've loved the concept of simplifying  the way we create memories and document them. The recording process, idea wise, was simple, easy, fuss-free and instant. I've started project life when I was 24, back in 2009 and had a long and quite complicated 'relationship' with the PL method. 

I quit Project Life back in 2013 and have not recorded my life through PL from 2013 to 2019. In 2019, I've decided to give Project Life a second chance. between 2013 and 2017 I've given birth to two beautiful children, Dror (6) and Carmel (3). 

I've been searching for a weekly method to document their weeks in a fun and care-free way. I could not find anything I felt I'd be able to maintain as a weekly routine. Frustrated with the idea of going back to a method that has not worked  for me before, I've decided to try a different approach to Project Life.

I decided to stop working with Illustrator and Photoshop as part of my main weekly routine. 'No more complicating things that need to be simple', I thought to myself. That meant that I would stop creating journaling cards using these programs and only stick to good, old scrapbooking method. That was such a relief for me, because having to use the computer meant that the weekly assembling of the PL spreads would take more time and more steps in order to complete. 

I've come with a  plan to make it work. I've cut down a simple sketchbook into 3X4 inches and 4X6 inches and made dozens journaling cards in advance. I put them all in a clear box and place it in a place I could reach for them when I need them. 

I took out some PL Journaling Cards from a set I was gifted by the lovely Netanella. I wanted to use them as my guidance, in order to make the spread look polished and neat. You can easily change it into traditional scrapbooking if you want- Just take a simple cardstock or patterned paper and add a cool sentiment on top of it- using your favorite stamp set or your own handwriting.

Then, I started taking out from drawers different materials and products I can use in order to bring my plain cards into life. It was important to me to keep my style genuine to my own taste, which is clean, minimalist and very simple. I love to use Distress inks with a beauty brush and slowly covers the blank areas of the cards. I really love the soft look the distress has, especially when paired with the synthetic brush.

I love the perfect combination between a Polaroid picture (I use Instax Share SP-3 to print mine), a gentle embellishment (whether it's a doily or a vintage paper) and a lovely shade from my Distress Inks by Tim Holtz for Ranger. 

I feel that what has changed since the first years of Project Life is the fact that now I'm using traditional Project Life, instead of designing a new set of journaling cards with my graphic software for each week. I tried to minimize the time spent on the graphic aspect of Project Life but I still found that moving from my craft desk to the table I have my computer on,  makes the process to be less relaxing and more of a project I have to finish. 

So I'm back to the old fashioned glue, paper, scissors and washi tapes. That is way more fun for me and makes me feel more at ease, what enables me to complete my weekly spreads in more calm and secure in my process.

I incorporate different textures to any creative process I'm working on, whether it's an Art Journaling page for my Traveler's Notebooks or a lovely record of my life's chronicles, in my Silva Rerum ('Forest of Things') albums. So Project Life is no different when it comes to blending in together lovely grid papers, vintage papers and old books from well-kept text blocks.

I took these pictures before adding my handwritten parts, because I wanted to keep these parts private. My journaling is a key feature in my scrapbook process and Project Life is one that I feel strongly about, especially when it comes to document your life with words and not just with beautiful embellishments and a few pictures.

 I hope you enjoyed my first post about Project Life. I promise it's not the last. You are more than welcome to join me here and find more about my Project Life process.

See you soon,


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